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Niece NWT 5000 is a 5,000-gallon tank.

Wed September 23, 2020

Niece Manufacturing offers a full line of off-highway water trucks, fuel trucks and fuel/lube trucks for the construction and mining industries.

Its line also includes on-highway water trucks and fuel trucks.

Niece trucks are manufactured with American made components at its facilities in Budha, Texas, and Fort Scott, Kan. It offers finished tank trucks built on most manufacturers' rigid frame or articulated bodies, including Cat, Deere, Komatsu, Volvo and Bell Truck.

Water trucks are available in sizes from 2,000 gal. trucks to 12,000 gal. towers. Fuel and lube trucks range in size from 600 to 4,000 gal. Niece rigid frame tanks are available in capacities from 8,000 to 45,000 gal. (36,367 to 204,574 L).

Niece rigid frame tanks are designed for big water applications in quarries, mines and heavy construction.

All rigid frame water trucks come with the following features:

  • Surge reverse baffling with key locked baffles both transverse and longitudinal;
  • 24-in. (60.96 cm) man-way system;
  • Access cover for clean out and inspection, bottom rear location;
  • Front and rear drive tire mud flaps;
  • Tire area coated with poly-coat for corrosion protection;
  • Rock ejector mounts, customer supported ejectors;
  • Fill-port -36-in. (91.44 cm) manhole with back-flush baffle, trash screen included;
  • 3-in. (7.62 cm) ground fill at rear of tank.

The Niece NWT 5000 is a 5,000 gal. tank built on a 25-ton chassis; the NWT 6000 is a 6,000-gal. tank on a 30-ton chassis; and the popular NWT 8000, the workhorse of mining and heavy construction use, is an 8,000-gal. tank built on a 40-ton chassis. All three models are available on a choice of manufacturers bodies, including Cat, Deere, Volvo, Komatsu and Bell.

The 5,000-gal. tanks are equipped with 4-in. by 4-in. Pumps, and all tanks above that size will have 6-in. by 5-in. pumps.

All Niece articulated water trucks come with the following features:

  • Modified trapezoidal, multi-radius, semi-elliptical, low profile design;
  • Interlocked bulkheads and baffles;
  • A.V.S. accelerator venting system (flood loading with no back flush);
  • Front and rear drive tire mud flaps;
  • Rock ejector brackets above rear drive tires;
  • Interior of tank cleaned and coated with marine grade epoxy; and
  • Sealed 24 volt LED stop and tail, weather proof and loom guarded
Fueler Trucks

The NFT6000 off-highway fuel tanker can be mounted on any popular 30-ton articulated truck. It services large mining machinery with 6,000 gal. of fuel. Built for durability and reliability, Niece also offers articulated fuel trucks in 5,000 gal. on 25-ton trucks and 8,000 gal. on 40-ton trucks.

The NFT6000 Offers:

  • Low profile, low center of gravity, modified trapezoidal dual radius;
  • Interlocked bulkheads welded 100 percent inside and outside;
  • 3/16-in. side skins, ¼-in. top, bottom, baffles, and bulkheads;
  • Interior is accessible through 24-in. man-way system;
  • Quick fill ground level, non-pressurized, fast fill 150 gpm, high volume auto shutoff nozzles;
  • Blackmere hydraulically driven dispensing pump at 120 gpm; and
  • (2) Hannay reels, high volume and low volume.
Fuel & Lube Trucks


Built on any popular 25-ton articulated truck, the heavy duty NFL3000 is designed for servicing large machines in quarries and mines. Quality components such as Hannay reels, Stellar rotary screw, auto start air compressor and Total Control fuel meter. DEF tank, hose and reel are standard.


The NFL10000 is designed to be mounted on any 100-ton rigid frame mining truck. With 10,000 gal. of diesel, five oil product tanks — a total of almost 3,000 gal. of oil, safety handrails on all catwalks, and much more. It will service the largest machines in the most demanding environments.

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