Five Star Revolutionizes Fueling, Daily Fluids, Fleet Maintenance With Addition of Thunder Creek Product Line

Photo courtesy of Thunder Creek
Thunder Creek has added Five Star Equipment to its dealer network in New York state and Pennsylvania.

Thu February 01, 2024
Thunder Creek Equipment

Five Star Equipment — a premier partner for construction equipment sales and support serving the construction, commercial worksite and forestry industries in northern Pennsylvania and New York State — has added the Thunder Creek Equipment lineup of fuel, daily fluids and fleet maintenance solutions to its new product lineup.

Thunder Creek Equipment designs and manufactures innovative, premium fueling and preventative maintenance solutions that are used in a variety of industries including construction, roadbuilding, oil and gas, and utility construction. This includes the original, industry-leading, No-HAZMAT Fuel & Service Trailer (MTT), the Multi-Tank Oil Trailer (MTO), and the Service and Lube Trailer (SLT).

"Five Star is a world-class partner and the diversity of their territory — from rural site development to urban fuel and fluid delivery — is ideally suited for the Thunder Creek lineup of products," said Larry Lea, vice president of sales, Thunder Creek Equipment.

"The team at Five Star and our regional sales team are excited to partner to show contractors and other business owners who operate large fleets of equipment how to look at their daily fueling and fleet management activities with a fresh perspective to lowering costs and protecting uptime."

"We see opportunities for the fleet owners we work with to save time, money and resources by re-evaluating how they perform daily maintenance and service activities," said Bill Bochicchio Jr., COO, Five Star Equipment. "And the ability to control their own destiny by managing bulk fuel sourcing and scheduling without requiring employees to have a HAZMAT or a CDL in some cases, can be a game changer that will improve their efficiency."

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