Iron Mountain Uses New Peterbilt Water Truck

Dana Pennington (L), operations manager in Minerva, Ohio, and Robert Booth, driver/technician, pose with the 2012 Peterbilt water truck.

Wed April 25, 2012
Truck and Trailer Guide

Iron Mountain Specialized’s new 2012 Peterbilt water truck delivers 4,700 gal. of potable water to oil and gas well sites. Iron Mountain Specialized purchased it from Andrew Keller, salesman of Hunter Truck Sales in Smithfield, Pa., and financed the purchase through Doug Snee of Wells Fargo in Waynesburg, Pa.

This Peterbilt is powered by a 500 hp (373 kW) Cummins motor. It is the third water truck to be added to Iron Mountain’s growing fleet. IMS owns four pilot trucks (2 F-150s and 2 Rangers) purchased from Justin Jackson of Elkins Fordland in Elkins, W.Va. The company also owns a 55-ton (50 t) RGN trailer, a 53 ft. (16 m) oilfield winch trailer and a 60-ton (54 t) beam trailer to accommodate equipment moves as well as transporting mobile offices and skid houses.

The operations have moved in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio as the oil and gas well sites have dictated. Iron Mountain Specialized is owned by Robbie and Gina Reckart, Scott Betler and D Jay Miller, all from Elkins, W.Va.

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