Fontaine Specialized Helps Lead Tri-State Trailers Sales

The Workhorse 55LCC model is among the most popular for contractors and equipment haulers in Pennsylvania. (Tri-State Trailer Sales photo)

Tue November 22, 2022

A lot can happen over a decade. Just 10 years ago, construction trailers accounted for approximately 5 percent of Tri-State Trailer Sales stock.

At that time, Tri-State Trailers Sales recognized an opening for a trailer provider with expert knowledge in the unique applications and laws that impact the construction industry. While the company's trailer lines continue to address virtually every application in trucking, the dealership made a committment to position itself as a leading authority and source for construction industry-related hauling. Within five years, the dealership's construction trailers business grew to 10 to 15 percent and the pattern has continued with the segment representing 30 percent of the company's business today.

In addition to diversifying the sales stock, Tri-State Trailer Sales has made a commitment to service its customers 360 degrees by offering all types of specialized trailers to rent for as little as one day to long-term leases, at each of its four full-service locations through the company's leasing division, TSTL, Inc.

"It's all about understanding the needs of our customers," said Tri-State Trailers Sales Territory Sales Representative Randy Infield.

"Some of that comes from training and experience, but it also involves knowing the right questions to ask. It's important to factor in what the customer is hauling, what the permit requirements and what the weight restrictions are where the hauling is taking place. Transportation requirements in the construction industry are incredibly diverse, ranging from oversized loads and extreme weight to small, relatively lightweight compact machines. We've incorporated what we've learned from our customers and our suppliers to tailor our stock to meet the needs of our customer's transportation challenges."

Location plays a major role in trailer choice, according to Infield.

"A lot of companies operating in Pennsylvania in need of a low, 18-in. loaded deck height trailer, choose Fontaine's Workhorse 55LCC over their Magnitude 55L Plus," he said. "The 55LCC doesn't need a spreader bar to haul 55 tons and it has a longer gooseneck, so it doesn't require a flip neck extension, For companies with a multi-state business range, the Magnitude 55L Plus, equipped with a gooseneck extension, would be favored because it meets nearly universal state road and highway regulations."

Tri-State Trailer Sales' lineup of construction trailers includes hydraulic detach trailers, mini-decks, double-drops, hydraulic tails, multi-axle lowboys, tag trailers and traveling axles.

According to Infield, the construction industry has been the dealership's biggest growth market and Fontaine Specialized, which manufactures all of the trailers mentioned above except for traveling axles and tag trailers, is the company's leading trailer provider in the segment.

Among the Fontaine Specialized trailers Tri-State Trailers Sales offers are:

  • the Workhorse line available in capacities from 50 to 55 tons, close coupled (not spreader capable), with fixed flat level deck match to a tridem ride bogie and optional flip axle. Infield said that the 55LCC model is among the most popular for contractors and equipment haulers in Pennsylvania;
  • the Magnitude 3+1 spreader capable trailer line is available with flat level deck (FLD), drop side rail deck (DSR) or beam deck configurations (BMD), and with either a fixed or modular (M) tridem ride bogie and in capacities ranging from 55-60 tons;
  • the Magnitude 3+2 modular spreader capable tridem trailer line is available with a flat (MFLD), drop side rail (MDSR) or beam deck (MBMD) in 60- to 75-ton capacities;
  • the Magnitude 3+3 modular spreader capable tridem trailer line is available with a flat (MFLD), drop side rail (MDSR) or beam deck (MBMD) in capacities up to 80 tons;
  • the Xcalibur line of flatbed or dropdeck extendable trailers are available in lengths that stretch from 48 ft. to 80 ft. or 53 ft. to 90 ft. with excellent adaptability in a variety of hauling applications; and
  • Fontaine's Renegade, a 30- to 40-ton range fixed tandem bogie available with hydraulic or mechanical gooseneck and optional flip-axle. Renegade models are available in loaded deck heights that range from 20 in. down to the 12-in. mini-deck.

Infield said a key advantage of Fontaine's Workhorse and Magnitude models is its unique hook and shaft design at the front of the company's trailers.

"On rough or uneven terrain, this feature makes it much easier and quicker to reconnect the gooseneck," he said. "There's no more alignment needed than getting the gooseneck under the hooks."

According to Infield, these trailer models are popular with contractors because deck space is a full 26 ft., free and clear. In addition, the ride height adjustment on both the gooseneck and suspension of Fontaine's hydraulic detach models have seven settings, making them an extremely user friendly and a very versatile trailer.

"Tri-State Trailer Sales is one of our company's leading dealers," said Fontaine Specialized Sales Manager Tyler Vickers. "Over the past three to five years, the dealership's business has grown exponentially and the company's focus on being informed about the construction industry is largely responsible for that growth. Their sales team is extremely knowledgeable. We've worked very closely with them to provide in-person and online training, plant tours and we've have accompanied them on sales calls. With a fleet of trailers selected to meet a wide range of construction industry needs, and backed by outstanding service, Tri-State Trailers is really focused on providing the right solutions for its customers."

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