Landoll Tractor Names Mike Kornegay Dealer Salesperson of Year

Mike Kornegay (R) of Eastern Wrecker Sales, Clayton, N.C., received the Landoll Dealer Salesperson of the Year award from Jim Ladner, Landoll Trailers sales manager.

Tue August 02, 2022

Landoll Trailers congratulated Mike Kornegay of Eastern Wrecker Sales, Clayton, N.C., for being named the Landoll Dealer Salesperson of the Year.

Kornegay has built a reputation of dependability for his dealership and with his customers.

"When Mike says he's going to do something, he does it. He's extremely organized, pays attention to detail, and somehow always finds the trailer his customers are looking for," said Jim Ladner, Landoll Trailers sales manager.

Kornegay's success comes in part with his ability to work with other dealers. He manages his own inventory in preparation for his customers' needs but also exchanges inventory or production with other regional Landoll dealers. This places Kornegay in a position to have the right model with the right options available when his customer needs it, Ladner said.

"Mike is in constant communications with his customers by email, phone or even the old-fashioned way, in person. Mike's consistent email campaign to his customers, and his ability to quickly follow up with their responses, has proven highly effective. His mastery of the Landoll dealer portal enables him to stay up to date on new product features, provide customers collateral material and create his own quotes."

When a Landoll customer calls Kornegay with a problem, his experience helps him quickly relate to what they are dealing with and how to help them.

"Mike's experience in sales and service at the dealership and manufacturer levels is a great benefit to his customers. Mike will go above and beyond for his customers; and they know it. He's not alone. Eastern Wrecker has built their company with cornerstones of customer service and product knowledge. Mike is supported with a well-trained parts and service department and the knowledge only gained with years of experience," Ladner said.