Gary Dwerlkotte Announces Retirement from Landoll

Gary Dwerlkotte
Gary Dwerlkotte

Wed July 20, 2022

Gary Dwerlkotte announced his retirement after 47 years of continuous service to Landoll.

"Gary has been a very vital part of Landoll trailers for more than 28 years," said Jim Ladner division sales manager. "Gary was not only a quality employee, but he also maintained the drive to make everything or everyone around him better."

Dwerlkotte began his career working in the shop welding in the early days of Landoll.

"I will do what it takes to get the job done," said Dwerlkotte.

He supported Landoll in manufacturing, inventory control and department supervision and moved into trailer sales in 1994 as trailer sales coordinator. Dwerlkotte held several positions and responsibilities within trailer sales until 2015. He then accepted a district sales manager position of trailer sales, servicing customers and dealers in the central state's region. In 2018, the states of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin were added to his responsibilities.

Dwerlkotte's firm attitude of "get it done, it's your job" served Landoll and its customers well.

"Our whole organization has grown and become stronger by working alongside Gary," said Ladner. "We will always remember his time with us with fondness and gratitude for his many contributions to our present and future. We wish him well in his retirement."

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