Fontaine Heavy-Haul Changes Name to Fontaine Specialized

Mon July 18, 2022

The trailer business previously known as Fontaine Heavy-Haul is now Fontaine Specialized.

"In order to meet the evolving and ever challenging needs of our customer base, our product line will continue to expand beyond traditional heavy-haul trailers," explained Todd Anderson, president of Fontaine Specialized.

"Over the last several years we have expanded our Xcalibur extendable flatbed and dropdeck models, introduced the Traverse hydraulic tail models, created a new line of Workhorse lowbed models and added several new Magnitude heavy-haul models. We believe our name should reflect our entire product lineup, and our dealer network is very supportive of re-branding the business as Fontaine Specialized."

"We've heard from many of our most respected dealers, and the feedback for this change is very positive," remarked Heather Gilmer, VP sales. "The name change in a way is a 'Back to the Future' move for our company as we were previously 'Fontaine Specialized' from 1993 to 2009. In fact, many of our seasoned customers continued to refer to our trailers as 'Fontaine Specialized' even under the Heavy-Haul brand.

"Our tradition of industry leading innovation and unmatched customer support will most certainly continue under the Fontaine Specialized name," she added.

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