Keep Your Tires Performing With Tire Inflation Systems

MTIS (Meritor Tire Inflation System) is the most commonly installed system at SmithCo. (Photo courtesy of Meritor website)

Thu June 09, 2022
Duane Myears

Proper tire maintenance is critical in the performance of all on-road equipment. Installing a tire inflation system on your side dump trailer is one way to reduce costs and keep your trailer moving.

Under-Inflation Can Mean Big Losses

Under-inflated tires lead to premature tire wear, which means higher operating costs with repetitive replacements and increased fuel consumption. They also contribute to drivability and handling issues. Under-inflation can contribute to stability concerns.

Tire Inflation Systems Offer 20 Percent Better Tire Life

Tire inflation systems are installed at the customer's request. MTIS (Meritor Tire Inflation System) is the most commonly installed system at SmithCo.

The trailers with these systems typically use Super Single tires, where there is a single tire on each end of the axle instead of dual tires/wheels on each end. While trimming the weight per axle by approximately 250 lbs. compared to dual tires/wheels, there is a drawback of only having one tire on each end of the axle. If you have a flat, you are down. In this case, the tire inflation system is a great benefit as it keeps the tire inflated to the proper pressure even if it has a slow leak.

What's more, there is a light that is mounted on the trailer that illuminates when the system is putting air into the tires, so there's a clear indication that a tire has a leak.

Bottom line, customers with a tire inflation system typically see a 20 percent or better tire life by keeping the tires at recommended operating pressure.

Overall, a tire inflation system is easy to integrate into your regular trailer maintenance schedule and can pay for itself over time with tire cost reductions, minimal down time due to flats and increased fuel milage.

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(Duane Myears is a district sales manager of SmithCo.)