VIDEO: Stellar CDTpro Control System With Range Finder Technology

Wed March 23, 2022
Stellar Industries

Stellar, an employee-owned and operated manufacturer of mechanic trucks and cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, roll-off cable hoists, trailers, and service truck and van accessories, features a new and improved CDTpro control system with Range Finder technology.

This control system is the most ergonomically correct and balanced radio remote control with an over-molded rubber bumper system to maximize durability while keeping it lightweight, according to the manufacturer.

Designed to improve ergonomics and increase usability, the single-handed controller delivers quick, smooth operation with the most finite control for precise placements of loads while allowing for multiple functions to run at once.

The Range Finder feature allows the operator to create a lift plan without ever needing to unstow the crane. This world-first technology estimates distance and calculates crane capacities where the operator is holding the control system.

With a full suite of feedback screens, the CDTpro includes current load of the crane, distance to maximum capacity and sends vibratory alerts to inform the operator they are approaching maximum load capacity.

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