Thunder Creek Fueling Efficiency in the Big Woods

H2Dig uses the no HAZMAT Thunder Creek MTT920 to fuel, manage DEF and deliver daily maintenance to its fleet working to develop private recreation properties in remote areas. On average, the MTT920 saves each operator about two hours every day.

Mon June 14, 2021
Thunder Creek

Tucked away amongst wide swaths of agricultural fields and small, rural communities the Big Woods private waterfowl preserve is being developed by H2Dig LLC.

The company specializes in premium outdoor recreational development and oftentimes is working in remote areas without great access to service stations, fuel or equipment maintenance resources.

As part of the project, H2Dig has developed a sophisticated levy system that allows the property managers to strategically flood portions of the 1,500-acre hardwoods when waterfowl — specifically ducks — are migrating.

With construction wrapping-up on the property in late 2020, H2Dig has relied on maximizing efficiency while managing weather delays and navigating power line upgrades with local utilities. To help fuel that efficiency, it has relied on a 920-gal. Thunder Creek Equipment multi-tank trailer to manage its diesel, diesel exhaust fluid and daily maintenance needs.

The MTT 920, which does not require a HAZMAT to tow or operate, serves as H2Dig's mobile service station. The 40-gal.-per-minute pump fuels H2Dig's fleet fast, which gives the team more time to do what they do best: move earth.

"The MTT 920 has really increased our efficiency, about two hours per operator every day," said Travis Hughes, managing executive of H2Dig. "They're not running back-and-forth for fuel or carrying around the one-gallon jugs of DEF anymore, and that time adds up.

"The additional time equals out to about 300 yards of earth moved every day, which may not sound like much, but over the course of four weeks, you're looking at 6,000 additional yards of earthmoving with that time saved."

In addition to streamlining fueling, DEF handling with Thunder Creek's 2-in-1 DEF system, and aiding in preventative maintenance, the Thunder Creek Trailer also has more than withstood the intense, off-road environment at Big Woods.

"We can pull the Thunder Creek straight up the side of the levees and through all the ditches and get to the equipment, no matter where it is, even if it's deep in the woods," said Rodney Hughes, superintendent of H2Dig. "A lot of things don't hold up out here off-road, but we've had no issues at all with the Thunder Creek."

Built to last in Pella, Iowa, The Thunder Creek MTT920 stands up to every harsh, off-road environment H2Dig throws at it, including over a levy system and through heavy timber.