Kenworth Recognizes Leading Dealers for 2020 Achievements

Kenworth Sales Company recently received the 2020 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada. The recipients, shown with the crystal eagle Dealer of the Year award, includes executives Trevor Pasmann, corporate sales director; Kyle Treadway, president and dealer principal; Rick Greene, chief operations officer; and Tucker Morgan, corporate parts director.

Mon March 01, 2021

In a year like no other, it was a crowning achievement for Kenworth Sales Company to receive the 2020 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada during the recent Kenworth dealer meeting.

"The Kenworth Dealer of the Year award means a great deal to us, especially for 2020," said Kyle Treadway, president and dealer principal of Kenworth Sales Company.

"This special honor recognizes the extra work and dedication our employees are giving during very difficult times. Our people rose to the challenge and showed their very best in helping our customers succeed. This award puts the icing on the cake for us in 2020."

Kenworth Sales Company marked its 75th anniversary last year.

"It was bittersweet in a way, since we were unable to celebrate our milestone anniversary in the way we would have liked to do so with our employees and customers," said Treadway.

"Like other dealerships, we had incredible challenges due to the pandemic. Instead of pulling back and being conservative, we took the opposite approach — we were aggressive in growth. This allowed us to show confidence to our customers and our employees; that we had a plan. We also worked hard on communicating with our employees and customers, and for us, that was a real key. It put everyone more at ease during uncertain times," said Treadway.

"Kyle Treadway and his team personify what a Kenworth World's Best dealer is all about. They work hard to stay ahead of the curve, continue to expand their operations and invest in their facilities to enhance support and maximize customer uptime," said Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president.

In 2020, Kenworth Sales Company retailed more than 1,500 new Kenworth trucks, and excelled in both heavy duty (24 percent) and medium duty (19 percent) market share combined for all its locations.

Kenworth Sales Company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is Kenworth's longest-tenured dealer. It has been a family-owned company since W. Jay Treadway, and his wife Veda, opened the dealership in 1945. Their son, Gene (Kyle's dad), who was 17 at the time, sold parts for the dealership. Kenworth Sales Company has grown to operate 31 locations, employing more than 1,200 staff members.

"We've come quite a ways since my grandfather started the company," said Treadway. "I'm very proud of our heritage and how we've fostered deep relationships with our customers. Back then, and still today, a handshake is the heart of the deal. While the times have changed, customer service remains a top priority. Over the years, Kenworth Sales Company has established, nurtured and maintained strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. We know the current sale is the precursor to the next deal."

While 2020 is now in the rear-view mirror, Treadway said he is very bullish on 2021.

"We see a lot of ‘green shoots' coming up in the marketplace," he said. "We see the opportunity for a real turnaround in 2021, building off the fourth quarter of last year. We also have the new Kenworth T680 Next Generation. We know that's going to be a big hit with our customers. It's a special truck that not only looks great, but it's incredibly productive as well. Our customers are excited to see and try it — we can't wait to begin showcasing the truck to our customers."

Kenworth also presented eight Gold and nine Silver dealer awards, as well as PACCAR Engines, Medium Duty, Parts and Service, and TRP Dealer of the Year awards.

Kenworth Gold Awards

The Gold Award is presented to a select number of Kenworth dealers each year that achieve the highest level of performance in the Kenworth network. In addition to Kenworth Sales Company, the other Gold winners include Inland Kenworth U.S.; Kenworth Maska; Kenworth of Indianapolis; MHC Kenworth – Georgia; MHC Kenworth – Kansas City; Papé Kenworth; and Wichita Kenworth.

  • Inland Kenworth U.S. earned "Top Ten" recognition in 2020 for customer satisfaction, parts sales growth, TRP stores and TRP growth, and facilities. In 2020, the dealer had strong heavy duty share and exceeded its parts goal. The dealer is a former Kenworth Parts and Service Dealer of the Year award winner.
  • Kenworth Maska had strong heavy duty and medium duty share in 2020. The dealer made the "Top Ten" rankings several times, including customer satisfaction, heavy duty share, parts sales growth and parts operation. In the past decade, Kenworth Maska has earned Kenworth Dealer of the Year, PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year, and three Gold and four Silver awards.
  • Kenworth of Indianapolis achieved several "Top Ten" spots in 2020, including top rankings for eCommerce volume and parts operation. Kenworth of Indianapolis is a former TRP Dealer of the Year winner. In the past decade, the dealer has received a Gold and Silver award.
  • MHC Kenworth — Georgia had strong medium duty share and surpassed its parts goal in 2020. The dealer made the 2020 Kenworth Dealer Top Ten rankings several times, including PACCAR MX engines retail, medium duty share and medium duty goal attainment. MHC Kenworth — Georgia earned two Gold and five Silver awards in the past decade.
  • MHC Kenworth – Kansas City has received six Gold and three Silver awards over the past decade, in addition to overall Kenworth Dealer of the Year, and Dealer of the Year for PACCAR Engines and Medium Duty. The dealer had outstanding heavy duty share and earned recognition on seven "Top Ten" lists, including PACCAR MX engines retailed, Kenworth PremierCare Gold Certified locations, and overall facilities score.
  • Papé Kenworth is the reigning Kenworth Dealer of the Year award winner and once again had an impressive year. In 2020, the dealer ranked high for facility investments, parts retail growth, TRP sales volume, parts fleet sales, and heavy duty share. Over the last decade, Papé Kenworth has been named PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year, TRP Dealer of the Year, and Kenworth Dealer of the Year, and has received five Gold and four Silver awards.
  • Wichita Kenworth achieved impressive heavy duty and medium duty share in 2020 and was the only dealer to receive a perfect score on the PacLease Dealer Excellence evaluation. Wichita Kenworth also ranked high for facility investments, service capacity, facility score and extended service hours. In the past decade, the dealer has received a Gold and three Silver awards.
Kenworth Silver Awards

During the Kenworth dealer meeting, Kenworth also recognized its nine Silver Award winners: Performance Kenworth; Kenworth Amos; MHC Kenworth – Colorado; MHC Kenworth – Memphis; MHC Kenworth – North Carolina; New England Kenworth – Maine; Coopersburg Kenworth; Kenworth Montreal; and Truckworx Kenworth.

Kenworth PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year

Wichita Kenworth received Kenworth's PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year honors for its first time. The dealer sold a large number of PACCAR MX-powered trucks and achieved the highest PACCAR MX engine share mix. Following its recent construction, Wichita Kenworth now far exceeds Kenworth's service capacity standard. Highly trained PACCAR MX technicians and 24/7 mobile service units aided customer uptime.

Kenworth Medium Duty Dealer of the Year

MHC Kenworth – Georgia was named Kenworth Medium Duty Dealer of the Year. The award winner sold Kenworth medium duty trucks to a diverse customer base, including towing, construction, city government, utility, petroleum, landscaping and grocery. The dealer achieved impressive medium duty share and sales goal results, and consistently stocked medium duty trucks at its full-service locations.

Kenworth Parts and Service Dealer of the Year

Kenworth of Indianapolis captured the Kenworth Parts and Service Dealer of the Year award with performances at or near the top of every major parts category. The dealer posted significant increases in retail, PACCAR Parts and TRP sales; and grew business through the PACCAR fleet services program.

Kenworth TRP All-Makes Dealer of the Year

Papé Kenworth significantly increased its TRP sales, overall parts purchases and retail sales in 2020 to help earn Kenworth TRP All-Makes Dealer of the Year honors. The dealer's focus on uptime provided customers with outstanding retail parts availability.

Kenworth Dealer Major Anniversaries

Kenworth also celebrated significant Kenworth dealer anniversary milestones reached in 2020: 75 years — Kenworth Sales Company (Salt Lake City, Utah); 50 years — GreatWest Kenworth (Calgary, Alberta); 45 years — Whiteford Kenworth (South Bend, Ind.), CIT Trucks (Normal, Ill.), New England Kenworth (Shelburne, Vt.); 40 years — Kenworth Truck Centres of Ontario (Mississauga, Ontario); 35 years — Kenworth Amos (Amos, Quebec); 30 years — Kenworth Montreal (St. Laurent, Quebec), Kenworth Maska (Sherbrooke, Quebec), and Liberty Kenworth (Swedesboro, New Jersey).

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