VIDEO: APT, Trail-Eze Partner for Custom Transportation Needs

Thu November 12, 2020

When Advanced Petro Technologies (APT) developed a new product with a demanding transportation need it found a partner in Trail-Eze. APT's new water remediation product is known as a DCTD.

The product is designed to be an integral part of a custom trailer provided by Trail-Eze. The combination is capable of taking in 315,000 gal. of contaminated water per day and cleaning it to a level which is purer than most United States' municipal drinking water supplies.

According to Shawn Murtha, regional sales manager of Trail-Eze, the skid is 10 by 70 ft. and weighs approximately 37,000 lbs.

"We will eventually be building a jeep for the front, a front and rear goose neck and a steering dolly at the rear to make it portable," he said.

APT's CEO Jim Juranitch said the company's DCTD product can work on any contaminated water supply, but is focused on the very demanding energy fracking industry as its first target market. In many of its applications the product is challenged in cost effectively purifying water that can be more than eight times saltier than oceans. The incoming contaminated water may contain many other undesirable constituents that must be safely removed.

Juranitch said that Trail-Eze has been great to work with by effectively solving technical issues through the complementary efforts of both companies' engineering teams in an expedient fashion.

"To date all responses from Trail-Eze have been timely and competent, including the final product's delivery. We couldn't ask for a better partner," he said.

The first five transportation systems for APT's DCTD water remediation product are in production at Trail-Eze. APT has contracted orders for a minimum of 77 additional systems.

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