SmithCo Side Dump Trailers Offers Versatile SX Series and CP30

SmithCo’s SX Series encompasses a number of different trailer models that have varying amounts of axles.

Mon November 02, 2020

SmithCo Side Dump Trailers' SX Series and CP 30 trailers offer enhanced stability, easier unloading and faster cycle times.

"No company has engineered or produced more side dump trailers than SmithCo," said Scott Lovell, president and CEO of SmithCo.

"Our job is to provide our customers with the exact trailer they need to solve their hauling issues and help them achieve maximum profits."

The SX Series and the CP do just that, according to the company.

There's Nothing an SX Series Won't Haul

Built to handle even the most adverse payloads, the SX Series is considered the workhorse of SmithCo's products.

Years of experience and innovation have gone into developing the SX Series, and the result is a highly customizable trailer that's built to last, according to the manufacturer.

Each trailer dump body is constructed of AR400 steel, making it tough and durable. And details like radiused corners and the lack of center divider means that SX trailers clean out better than other tub designs.

Customers can choose axle configurations, from a single axle up to six. The most popular design is the tri-axle, with many different axle spacings available.

CP30 for Off-Road Construction and Agriculture

The CP30 Construction Pup is another versatile offering from SmithCo.

These trailers are designed to be pulled with off-road construction power units or agricultural tractors. Available in 30 and 40 ton capacities with a variety of construction grade or flotation type tires, these trailers can dump on either side and stockpile or windrow for maximum versatility when out on the job. The CP Series allows haulers to top load materials that a scraper cannot handle as well as haul ag products to the field.

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