Holt Manufacturing to Showcase Spray King Off-Highway Water Trucks, Stand Tanks at ConExpo 2020

HOLT Manufacturing produces off-highway water trucks with 24,000-gal. tanks and on-highway trucks with 2,000- and 4,000-gal. tanks.

Wed January 29, 2020
Holt Manufacturing

With a legacy dating back to 1886, the Holt family has a history of creating equipment for the construction industry, stretching back to when Benjamin Holt came up with the idea for (and built) the first Caterpillar tractor.

While the technology has changed, the legacy has not. Visitors from across the world will be able to see for themselves when, for the first time ever, HOLT Manufacturing showcases its Spray King off-highway water trucks and stand tanks at ConExpo.

"It's important to us to continue the family tradition of manufacturing heavy equipment," said Peter J. Holt who, along with his sister, Corinna Holt Richter, operate HOLT Manufacturing as the 5th generation of Holts. "We have created HOLT Manufacturing to be the leader in building custom water trucks with a speed unmatched in the industry."

In support of that effort, HOLT Manufacturing recently purchased a 130-acre Waco, Texas, manufacturing facility that will allow HOLT Manufacturing to increase the customization options and quantity of output of its flagship line of Spray King water trucks and stand tanks, without sacrificing the speed of delivery.

Customization options on the trucks will include nozzle configurations, hose placements, in-cab electronic controls, tank access points and truck chassis.

"Heck, if you want pink baseball bats mounted to the sides of the tank, we'll make that happen," said Cesar Trejo, HOLT Manufacturing engineer. "We know that sometimes customization can be practical, but sometimes it might be aesthetic for morale or company branding.

"There's no need to limit your imagination," he said.

Of course, customization never comes at the cost of safety. HOLT Manufacturing has built exacting standards to ensure all its water trucks stay safe in the most demanding work environments.

"We are just as proud of what people can't see, as what they can see on our trucks," said John Meyer, vice president of HOLT Manufacturing. "The baffling systems inside the trucks guarantee the safety of the operator and everyone around the truck, no matter the fill level of the tank."

Coated with a battle-tested epoxy, the baffles stand the test of time by holding up to water and air erosion.

The company will have their 6,000-gallon, articulated truck on site at the show, with cut-outs in the tank so visitors can see the baffling system first-hand. HOLT Manufacturing also produces off-highway water trucks with 15,000-gallon tanks and on-highway trucks with 2,000- and 4,000-gallon tanks.

HOLT Manufacturing will have a team on hand at the show to answer questions about customization and options of the trucks and stand tanks. They can be visited in the Bronze Lot at booth B9306.

For more information, call Travis Cox, HOLT Manufacturing sales and business development manager, at 512/864-4017.

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